In celebration of the 16 days campaign, and in honor of World AIDS Day, we invite you to listen to some of Sister Annet Grace Naula’s thoughts on working in HIV at the Nagonga health center in Uganda.
As she shares: “I’m Naula Annet and I’m a nurse. I hold a diploma in nursing and I have an advanced diploma in pediatric and child health care. I work at Nagonga Health Center and what I do mostly is take care of the HIV positive people.
My humble request is to people who are managing HIV, in relation to gender and HIV, there should be an integration of HIV care into gender activities. If we are building HIV, gender should come in concurrently. What I’ve seen here is we are taking on HIV but we have left gender. That’s why we are having mostly gender-based violence. When we are monitoring HIV activities, even gender issues should be monitored concurrently. Even the tools that monitor HIV should have a part that monitors gender and gender-based violence. We don’t really have a part that can help a health worker ask about the gender-based issues at home.” #worldAIDSday #16dayscampaign