WI-HER is proud to collaborate with incredible partners on a broad range of health, development, and social impact projects. Our current and past partners include:

WI-HER has made a real difference as a sub-contractor to URC.  Through our mentor-protégé relationship, we have been able to take our gender integration work to a new level of focused actions and results which has received kudos in our annual award fee reviews with USAID.  WI-HER has also developed and delivered a human trafficking training program for URC staff well ahead of new US Government requirements and feedback from our multicultural field staff has been very positive.

The approach of WI-HER to gender issues is characterized by innovation as well as in-depth expertise. Dr. Faramand has pioneered the incorporation of modern process improvement techniques into gender issues, introducing an evidence-based approach, with quantitative measures of the result.

James Heiby, USAID