Our Approach

Knowledge Management and Learning are essential for any organization or activity. WI-HER supports documenting, synthesizing, and disseminating organizational and project knowledge through knowledge products such as technical reports, short reports, case studies, success stories, blogs, social media posts, and guidance documents. WI-HER staff can also provide technical assistance in knowledge sharing exercises and trainings. In particular, WI-HER staff can support:

  • Identifying, organizing, and synthesizing what you have learned and what is the most effective way to share that learning;
  • Institutionalizing learning;
  • Making technical and jargon-filled language more accessible;
  • Identifying and retrieving outside learning and best practices for you to apply to your organization or project.

Knowledge Products

Since knowledge products share information in different ways, it is important to choose the right product both for the type of information to be documented as well as the type of audience that should be reached. WI-HER staff can help with these strategic decisions, as well as with the creation the product or multiple products based on the same knowledge and information, yet tailored to meet different purposes and/or audiences.