• Golbo, Amhara, Ethiopia, 2017

Ethiopia’s Current Civil Conflict: Three Deaf People

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By Krista Odom, WI-HER Program Coordinator Golbo, Amhara, Ethiopia, 2017 I arrived for the first time at my Peace Corps site in February 2016. My assigned counterpart loaded me up with my luggage and newly purchased mattress on a public transport van and jumped in. I did not speak the local language at the time and my counterpart spoke minimal English, but I did understand that there was an issue with the transport: we would not be able to get to the site using the transport van that had my mattress tied to the roof. I did not understand why or what the solution would be. Then I arrived at the bottom of the mountain on the main road. Here a trail led up the side of the mountain and zigzagged through the stepped farmland for 2 kilometers [...]

  • Krista’s first Grassroots Soccer graduating class from Golbo, Ethiopia

Grassroots Soccer: HIV Prevention Through Integrated Education Programs

By Krista Odom, WI-HER Program Coordinator Krista’s first Grassroots Soccer graduating class from Golbo, Ethiopia I was first introduced to Grassroots Soccer when I was working as a HIV and Gender Empowerment Volunteer in Lesotho. As a woman who grew up playing soccer in the US through league, high school, and college, I was excited at the prospect of using my passion for sports as a means of education and ultimately HIV prevention. Grassroot Soccer is a health program that leverages the popularity of soccer “to educate, inspire, and mobilize youth” in developing countries. Globally, young women are nearly twice as likely compared to young men to become infected with HIV, and some of the major contributing factors are gender-based violence (GBV) and gender power imbalances. Lesotho has the second highest prevalence of HIV in the world, with [...]

  • Youth volunteer initiatives USAID IHP

Empowering Gender and Youth Ambassadors as Game Changers in Bauchi, Kebbi, and Sokoto States in Nigeria

Increasing awareness and support for adolescent and youth-friendly services; Allison Annette Foster, WI-HER Vice President, and Kenneth Goughnour, WI-HER Program Coordinator Integrated Health Program (IHP), 2019-2024, USAID/Nigeria “I am glad that we have more of a sense of direction now. I look forward to sharing with my peers and community members the importance of adolescent health and rights!” With her freshly acquired skills and confidence in public speaking, advocacy, and service outreach, Halima[*] was ready to contribute to her community. GYA Halima (pictured) during an outreach event in September. Photo credit: USAID IHP Bauchi With over half of the world’s population under the age 30, WI-HER advocates that young people, especially women, youth with disabilities, and youth from low economic levels or marginalized groups, be given opportunities to contribute to their communities. Youth have much to offer, if [...]

  • Human Rights graphic

Human Rights in the MENA Region

By Isam Junaidi, WI-HER Finance and Accounting Manager Human Rights in the MENA region have always been seen as a grant rather than a birthright – people weren’t born equal. In our society people are either lords or commoners, and the laws are only applied to the latter. Imagine human rights presented in a big circle. Within this circle lies all the 30 articles that form the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (as shown in the diagram below). According to my understanding, nothing is wrong with the sizes of the circles; everything is presented in the weight that that particular right is given. That is because there’s a formula in the MENA region. Whenever regimes expand one circle, it is at the expense of the others. In other words, if they expand one circle by 1%, another circle is reduced [...]

  • Sara Pappa and her growing family

The Importance of Paid Family Leave for Children, Families, and Beyond

By Sara Pappa, WI-HER Technical Advisor Sara Pappa shortly after the birth of her second child. In this blog piece, she reflects on the importance of paid family leave. Enacting public policies that provide parents with paid family leave from work to care for their young children is critical to the healthy development of children and families. As we observe the 16 Days of Activism Campaign, let’s talk about #AllWomenWork and #EqualityforAll. With these themes, I think of parents, particularly mothers, in the workplace. In 2016, when I gave birth to my daughter, the company I worked for at the time offered fairly good benefits that left me with a steady paycheck, or a portion of a full paycheck, for about four months. This was through a combination of saved-up vacation days, short-term disability, and a few weeks [...]

  • human rights

Celebrating Human Rights Day: Fundamental Rights for All

By Kenneth Goughnour, Program Coordinator for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion “Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home -- so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. [...] Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere. Without concerted citizen action to uphold them close to home, we shall look in vain for progress in the larger world." - Eleanor Roosevelt Credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay In the 72 years since the passing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNHR) by the United Nations (U.N.) much has happened, including: for the first time humans left our little blue planet and began exploring the farthest reaches of space, technologies advanced from analogue to digital and the internet became an integral part of the [...]

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