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Our Mission

Our mission is to employ an integrated, multi-sectoral approach across development, health, and social impact projects to improve outcomes and achieve sustained development, leading to better, healthier lives for women and men, and girls and boys.

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Rule of Law and Gaps in LGBTI Protections in Kosovo

By Dan Ward Rule of law problems are a major field for international development work.  In practice, this means addressing discrepancies between legal protections for vulnerable groups, and lack of “on-the-ground” enforcement of these protections.  While rule of law issues certainly exist in highly developed countries as well, they tend to be more prevalent in less-developed countries.  One such country is Kosovo, which is in the unique position of being a recently sovereign Balkan nation that saw significant Western European influence and U.S. advisory in the drafting of its constitution. As [...]

Gender and Oil: The Changing Role of Women in the Kingdom

By Hania Bekdash, WI-HER Graduate Research Intern and PhD student at Kennesaw State University Shortly over a decade ago, at the peak of crude oil prices of $145 per barrel, Saudi Arabia’s formal female labor participation rate, as defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and measured by the World Bank, was about 16 percent. In 2016, while oil had dropped to approximately $42 per barrel, its female labor participation rate had risen to nearly 21 percent, and continues to rise. While liberal-minded institutions and activists celebrate this as a [...]

Women’s Political Participation in Tunisia

 By Hania Bekdash, Graduate Research Intern, WI-HER, LLC and PhD student at Kennesaw State University Since Tunisia uniquely stood at the forefront for women’s rights and education in the Arab world prior to its 2011 revolution, much discussion on progress and protection of women, their status, and political participation in the wake of the revolution has largely amounted to counting the numbers. With an impressive 23% of female ministers and 31% in the Tunisian Chamber of Deputies, Tunisia is still leading the Arab world and rivaling even western democracies.[i] Development [...]

Empowering women health care workers through quality improvement

By: Taroub Harb Faramand, President of WI-HER, LLC and Senior Gender Technical Advisor on the USAID ASSIST Project Nothing gives me more pleasure than talking to my colleagues in the field and knowing that the health workers we trained are doing excellent work on their own without our support. I spoke with my colleague Joyce Draru from Uganda this morning and she told me that the quality improvement team at the Ivukula health center in Namutumba District in Eastern Uganda are still addressing the gender issues and gaps affecting their [...]

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WI-HER, LLC (Women Influencing Health, Education, and Rule of Law) is an international consulting firm that identifies and implements creative solutions to complex health and social challenges to achieve better, healthier lives for women and men, girls and boys. We employ an integrated, multisectoral approach that links health with education, rule of law, and agriculture to improve health outcomes and achieve sustained development. WI-HER, LLC is a woman-owned small business based in the Washington, DC area.